Monday, February 17, 2020
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Zhao (Joe) Huang, Actuarial Analyst, Ext 244

Justin Lee, Manager, Actuarial Analyst, Ext 241

Qiqi Yang, Actuarial Analyst, Ext 247

Scarlett Zhang, Actuarial Analyst, Ext 231


Brian Brown, Chief Executive Officer,  Ext 226

Lynn Porplycia, Chief Operating Officer, Ext 237

Erin Arsenault, Director, Human Resources, Administration & Finance, Ext 243  

Patricia Vettirajah, Executive Assistant, Ext 253

Lily Li, Workers' Compensation Administrative Assistant, Ext 225

Sumita Nair, Administrative Assistant, Ext 354

Jen Mercurio, Manager of Finance, Ext 235

Mika Dowson, Finance Clerk, Ext 250

Attendance Support Services

Kathleen Gratton, Director, Attendance Support Services  Ext 267

Stephanie Barton, Attendance Support Consultant, Ext 251

Cathy Beach, Attendance Support Consultant, Ext 233

Anna Sequeira, Attendance Support Consultant, Ext 236

Shoba Ungurian, Attendance Support Consultant,

Health & Safety

Gary Gibson, Director, Health & Safety, Ext 268

Chris Broadbent, Senior Health & Safety Consultant


Data Management

Melissa Hewit, Director, Data and IT, Ext 222  (Bilingual)

Maria Colangelo, Data Entry Clerk, Ext 242

Sylvie David, Bilingual Data Administrator , Ext 224  

Micheline Desjardins, Part-Time Data Entry Clerk, Ext 242  (Bilingual) 

Nick Dufault,  Bilingual Data Administrator, Ext 777  

Audrey O’Connor, Data Entry, Ext 240

IT Applications Minimize

Rana Khalaf, Manager IT Applications, Ext 248

Anwar Khalil, Programmer Analyst

Gavin King, Programmer Analyst, Ext 249

Catherine Zama, Business Systems Analyst

Workers' Compensation

Kelly Melanson, Director, Workers' Compensation & Paralegal/Parajuriste
Directeur, Service de l'indemnisation des accidents de travail  (Bilingual) Extension 239

Renata Alliu, Bilingual Workers' Compensation Assistant  Extension 533

Figen Dalton, Workers' Compensation Consultant & Paralegal   Extension 245

Christopher James, Workers' Compensation Consultant & Lawyer   Extension 227

Rinki Kolhi, Workers' Compensation Consultant & Paralegal   Extension 433 

Mary Luck, Workers' Compensation Consultant & Paralegal   Extension 229

Susan Postill, Workers' Compensation Consultant & Lawyer  (Bilingual)   Extension 223

Cathy Tang, Workers' Compensation Consultant & Paralegal   Extension 539

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