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Our core services include the actuarial valuation of post-employment benefits for accounting statement purposes, funding, budgeting or for estimating the financial impact of implementing plan changes.Our services are comprehensive and are customized to your time-table. For PSAB reporting purposes eg, we start out with a review of your employment contracts as a basis for discussing and finalizing the benefits to be included in your report. We work with you on data requirements and valuation assumptions, complete the valuations and required reports and discuss results with you and your auditors as required. Our goal is to make your PSAB reporting complete, and to provide as much support as required for you to feel comfortable reporting results to your Board of Trustees.

The following list of Future Benefits includes the main benefits for which we provide Actuarial Services to DSBs.   

  • Retirement or service gratuities based on accumulated sick days
  • Other severance, termination or endowment benefits based on service   
  • Non-vesting accumulate sick leave benefits
  • Post-retirement benefits eg Life ADD insurance, health, dental
  • Self-insured LTD and WSIB
  • Continuation of employee benefits during longer term absences due to LTD