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SBCI’s Attendance Management Program has been designed around industry best practices and standards as well as our unique experiences with school board clients to have a flexible and adaptable approach to the unique features and environment within a school board.

SBCI’s Attendance Management Program includes both qualitative and quantitative components:

  • benchmarking 
  • comparative analysis with other school boards 
  • policy and procedure development 
  • sick leave administration review 
  • accountability structure, roles and responsibilities 
  • established thresholds - data tracking, monitoring and reporting 
  • Parklane Shared Attendance Management Module
  • training - communication strategy 
  • consistent early support and coaching levels 
  • legislative review 
  • evaluation, monitoring and annual reports

The Attendance Management Program is designed, developed and implemented in a customized approach to each school board to ensure successful outcomes. A strategy and planning session is provided in the beginning stages to ensure expectations and the school board visions are achieved. Our five step plan will ensure a comprehensive programme that will assist school boards in the management and support of employees who are struggling to maintain regular attendance.