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SBCI's unique comprehensive report provides the school board with both a quantitative and qualitative analysis of absenteeism at your school board. A detailed analysis of absence data amongst at least five employee groups (Elementary Teachers, Secondary Teachers, Educational Assistants, Custodial/Maintenance and Other) allows for benchmarking against industry average and other peer boards. SBCI's Needs Assessment provides you with a picture of the overall magnitude of absence as well as an assessment of your short and long term absences.

In addition. the qualitative analysis will provide your school board with a review of school boards' practices as it relates to best practices recognized by SBCI and industry standards. After the assessment process, a comprehensive report is provided to the school board followed by a power point presentation to the executive staff. The presentation summarizes the findings of both the quantitative and qualitative analysis as well as making the business case to move forward with Attendance Support Services.

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