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SBCI’s Wellness Program has been designed around industry best practices and standards as well as our unique experiences with school board clients to have a flexible and adaptable approach to the unique features and environment within a school board.

SBCI’s Wellness Program complements and works with the Disability Management and Attendance Management Programs as a preventative program to support employees in identifying and preventing absence issues related to illness and injury, when possible. Through an established Disability and Attendance Management Program the school board can start identifying absence/health issues that can be targeted in the Wellness Programme.

SBCI’s Wellness Program supports the health and wellness of employees, by taking into consideration the following three elements: psychosocial school board environment, individual lifestyle practices and health, safety, and prevention. By focusing on these three elements within a wellness program the school board can lead the path to a healthy workplace.

SBCI’s Wellness Program includes both qualitative and quantitative components:

  • benchmarking
  • senior management support
  • wellness steering committee
  • policy development
  • communication strategy
  • needs assessment
  • mental health strategy
  • community resources
  • EAP strategy
  • evaluation and annual reports
  • workplace audit

The Wellness Program is designed, developed, and implemented in a customized approach at each school board to ensure successful outcomes. A strategy and planning session is provided in the beginning stages to ensure expectations and the school board visions are achieved. Our five-step plan will ensure a comprehensive program that will assist school boards in the management and support of wellness issues.