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SBCI’s Attendance Support Program is a comprehensive and integrated approach to positively influencing the factors that drive attendance: ability to attend work and attendance motivation. It reflects initiatives that address unscheduled absences due to illness or injury. The approach is flexible and adaptable to the unique features of each school board, yet, is established on industry best standards and our unique experiences with what works best in a school board environment.

Attendance Support Programs need to evolve and remain up to date with legislative changes and the knowledge that is gained through case law. SBCI’s framework is developed with these factors in mind and our school board clients are updated frequently with any required changes. A fully implemented Attendance Support Program typically requires some important organizational and behavioural changes leading towards the development of a healthy workplace culture. A comprehensive Attendance Support Program encompasses the development of three programs:

Disability Management:

Disability Management has been defined as the materials, the people and the resources to prevent, if possible, disability as a result of non-occupational illness or injury; encourage rehabilitation and early and safe return to work; and reduce the impact of disability both on the employee and the employer. School boards typically implement a Disability Management Program to assist with the management and support needed of long term absences.

Attendance Management:

Attendance Management has been defined as the materials, the people and the resources to prevent, if possible, sporadic absences as a result of illness or injury. School boards typically implement an Attendance Management Program to manage and support employees who are struggling to maintain regular attendance at work.

Wellness Program:

A Wellness Program supports the health and wellness of employees, by taking into consideration the following three elements; psychosocial school board environment, individual lifestyle practices and health, safety and prevention. By focusing on these three elements within the Wellness Program the school board can lead the path to a healthy workplace. The Wellness Program forms part of the comprehensive Attendance Support Program aimed at positively and proactively supporting the health of employees and the organization.

All three programs in combination equal a comprehensive Attendance Support Program that has been developed collaboratively with consistent and fair practices to support both the employee and the school board.