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There are numerous training programmes available to member boards. The following is a partial list:

A Clean Sweep 2
Designed specifically for Custodians, this program involves more than just transfer of knowledge on how to perform high risks tasks in a safer way. It involves practicing the new methods and other elements to ensure the new skills are incorporated into everyday work.

Senior Management Due Diligence
The legal obligations relating to health and safety that school board executives face can seem overwhelming. This short program not only serves as a basic introduction/refresher including current case law.

Supervisors Accident Investigation
How the supervisor reacts when an accident happens can have a significant impact on safety culture. There is a difference between form completion and good accident investigation. The latter identifies contributing factors and zeros in on the root cause then finding a prevention solution and ensuring it is not only implemented but communicated to others. This takes skill and practice. This ½ day program teaches the basics with a heavy emphasis on practice in small groups. Supervisors come away with the skills they need and a new appreciation of how their actions influence others in making safe choices.

Safe Shoveling
Designed for Custodians, this is an example of an SBCI program designed specifically to reduce hazards in an otherwise risky task. Not a sit down program, this involves many practice activities where peers provide feedback to each other on their new found techniques.

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